If you are a Beautician, Red Light Therapy is the perfect addition to your Salon and Beautyshop!

Red Light has the property of being able to penetrate deeper into the skin than any other color light and in the skin more to produce collagen, which makes the skin look firmer and younger. This light also ensures better cell energy which indirectly will also ensure a younger, more beautiful appearance in the long term.

A larger Red Light Therapy lamp in your Salon is therefore ideal for aftercare of the skin of your clients after intense treatments such as peels and in particular connective tissue massage. Not only will the skin recover faster from the treatment, but will immediately experience all of the above benefits! Many people who let themselves be pampered by this red light immediately experience more energy and cheerfulness! It is even safer as aftercare because people are more awake when they go back on the road.

“I really feel a sense of happiness in front of the lamp and after a session I feel much more energetic.
When I look at the skin of my customers I get even more excited!
After a light therapy course, the skin is significantly softer and fuller, feels firmer, is more resilient, the lines are visibly less deep and the skin is better hydrated and more even. You clearly see enormous skin improvement. This makes it the ultimate pre and post treatment for the connective tissue massage.

I am a fan!"

The smaller lamps such as the NorahLux Lumnia is ideal for sale because these are the cheapest lamps with the same effect as its larger variants. Only the treatment surface is smaller, which will not be a problem for many of your customers because for Beauty most customers mainly want to treat the face and neck and chest. There is the Lumnia ideal for !

Do you want to offer your clients support in the lose weight and size? Then with a body-covering lamp you can offer sessions that make the process of losing weight much easier because Red Light Therapy is a scientifically proven method to lose extra size. Depending on the choice from our models, a session for your client lasts between 10 minutes and 20 minutes, with of course the more often the better, but 2 sessions a week quickly offers results.

For all other extra benefits you can Skin health read this article about skin health.

Do you want to know what the possibilities are for you as a Beautician or Beautyshop ?! 
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